Lifting Equipment

Fork Lift Training

This course provides you  with the necessary skills. The person credited  with this unit standard is able to operate a counter –balanced  lift truck in a safe manner. They will also to conduct pre and post inspections to ensure performance of the lift truck, this delegate will also be able to handle the loading and storage of freight by using the equipment and its accessories in the required manner.

Overhead Crane Training

This course will ensure that you comply to the minimum standards. A  practical will  test your skills, which will include pre operational inspection, slinging, transporting a load and parking a crane. The driven machinery regulations, that you can find in the Occupational Health and Safety Act state that all operators of lifting machinery such as the crane  that you use must be trained.

Truck Mounted Crane Training

A  Truck-Mounted Crane is a useful piece of equipment and can be an extremely dangerous machine.  This course will have you understood and gained basic knowledge of how to operate your Truck Mounted Crane.

Tri Wheeler Training

IPI.SA offers  you the opportunity to let us equip you with the most up to date knowledge and skills for you to operate and work in a safe and effective way.